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Seventh Generation

The soft toilet paper that we all love hurts the environment and the United States is one of the only countries that uses this kind of toilet paper. To help save our environment and forests the recycled environmentally friendly toilet paper should be used versus the "super soft". Some countries even use cloths and rewash them so they can be used multiple times. If we start by watching how much toilet paper we consume we are one step closer to change.

Creation Spirituality
by Matthew Fox

Author Matthew Fox's book, Creation Spirituality, speaks about the importance of cherishing all living and non living things that God has given us. He believes that all living things are a blessing and that we must all recognize the actions in which we take that can be hurting ourselves and God's Creation. Fox believes that in order to understand liberation theology, it has to be practiced therefore we can have experience and concrete examples of liberation.

The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society not only informs communities regarding their actions but allows donations. The actions and issues do not just regard deforestation but global warming, energy, wilderness, forests, and stewardship. This organization creates bills to be passed that helps saves the environment and all things in it.

The Envirolink Network

This organization upholds meetings and campaigns that fight for the lives and environment of varieties of forests. The meeting inform people of our next step to help saving the forests. There are multiple foundations that you can be apart of that are linked to the page. There are many ways to getting involved from saving trees, to forming alliances, and even investigating the forests.

World Wildlife Fund

In the step towards moving in a positive direction in the environment, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has discovered and saved many species found in the forests today. WWF organization allows you to "adopt" a animal, informs several people about deforestation and pollution, and takes action! There are multiple ways to get involved with this program and being apart of their network. The paper vs. species campaign is fighting a large paper industry for trying to cut down rainforests for paper and killing over 100 apes. This is one of the many actions WWf takes towards creating a beautiful environment for all living things.