"Creation is all things and us. It is us in relationship with all things...all beings, all things, the ones we see and the ones we do not; creation is all space, all time - past, present, and future." -Matthew Fox

         As followers of God we must protect and help all that was created for mankind. Not only are people all over the world oppressed but we cannot forget that our environment is being oppressed as well. The problem with North America is they are trying to edit it, when we should be absorbing all its beauties. Not enough people live in solidarity with the environment, and by editing it we are destroying the environment to fit our needs. There is not enough care and consideration done to protect the environment. The lack of social ecology affects the forests because of the natural environment we are taking for granted. Great conflicts have occurred because toilet paper organizations or businesses who are trying to preserve the trees are coming out with tissue that is environmental friendly. This is an example of social ecology because if had a good intentional relationship with the environment that God intended us to have, instead of using the “super soft” toilet paper with extra paper we have an alternative. In Matthew Fox's book Creation Spirituality he exaggerates how we must respect all God's creation and not take the natural environments we have. The people of North America need to work on stewardship,if things are going to be used or borrowed from the forests it needs to be put back.
A question we must ask ourselves is why isn’t creation valued for the sake of creation? According to theologian Dorothy Stang all the living things in forests have a right just as much as we do to live, and their rights should be protected too.We need to care for what God has given us, therefore we should have more stewardship towards the environment and managing all God's resources. As God's followers we must try to reach liberation and to achieve equal rights not just for human, but for all living things.